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Our Dog Training Philosophy

We believe all dogs are individuals and thus we treat them as such. KCC is open to all 4 quadrants of operant conditioning (see below) and is not stuck on just one. Positive first is always our moto and we spend most of our time and energy on positive reinforcement with food and/or play and layer in the other quadrants as needed for each individual dog. Kelsey has learned from positive only trainers as well as balanced trainers and has since decided that training dogs as individuals is the best method. Her heeler was trained "positive only" whereas her shepherd went through a more balanced regimen. She has learned from trainers such as Michael Ellis and Will Atherton as well as Victoria Stilwell and Zak George.

Our goal is to achieve the outcome the dog guardian would like in a way that the dog also builds confidence and which furthers the relationship between the dog and the guardian. Training should be fun and our goal is to make it fun for the dog AND the human involved. We try to find what lights up your dog and what gets them to engage with their human.
 Relationship is everything and that is our first goal. From there we build on skills such as place, down stays, recall, and leash walking. We also put a large emphasis on meeting the dogs physical and mental needs. 

Positive Reinforcement: You ADD something to make a behavior occur MORE frequently. Example: A dog sits instead of jumps, you give them a food reward to encourage that behavior.

Positive Punishment: You ADD something to decrease a behavior from occurring in the future. Example: Dog jumps up, you say AH AH or another negative marker and the dog dismounts.

Negative Reinforcement: You REMOVE something to make a behavior occur MORE. Example: the dog jumps, you use the leash to help them off and into a sit instead, then release the leash pressure when they sit down.

Negative Punishment: You REMOVE something to DECREASE a behavior. Dog jumps up, you turn to the side and ignore the dog. You remove attention which the dogs wants to decrease the jumping behavior.


Training Services

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Intro Call: 20-30 minutes FREE

Quick call to go over you training needs and determine if we're a good fit. 

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Walk and Train: $450

5, 60 minute walks followed by a 30 minute walk to transfer skills to the human! Great service for basic leash skills and leash reactivity. Note that for reactivity, you must book an introductory meeting first so Kelsey can observe how the dog reacts with its guardian before starting training.

After this service, each walk and train is $100/hour for continued training or basic tune ups.

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In Home Dog Training: $150 for 60-90 minutes

Need help teaching your dog basic commands such as sit/stay/down/leave it/ heel/place/recall? Or maybe you have behavioral issues such as barking, reactivity, digging, counter surfing, jumping, leash pulling, etc. Kelsey will take time to watch the guardian and dog interact and see how the dog responds to cues from the guardian. From here, she will demonstrate how to either correct or manage the behaviors and how to change the dogs perspective about the situation. Lastly, a training plan will be created that Kelsey will go over in detail and type up and email to the client after the service. From here the owner can continue to work on the training alone or book more training sesssions as/if needed.

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New Dog In Home Training: $120 for 60-90 minutes

Did you just adopt a new dog or purchase a new puppy? Do you have a list of basic training questions or indoor behavioral issues you would like help with to get your new pup off on the right foot? Book an in home train with Kelsey so she can observe the behaviors and show you how to manage or change these behaviors going forward. Great for teaching new skills like sit/down/stay/place/leave it as well as for common behavioral issues such as counter surfing, barking, indoor reactivity, etc. 

*This offer is only for dogs adopted/purchased within the last 3 months (before behaviors with new owner are too deeply engrained).

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