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About Us

Kelsey's Companion Care, LLC is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured pet care company. Meet our team below!

Our Story

Kelsey Herrera's dream was to become a veterinarian since she was the age of only 7, hence an animal science degree from UC Davis with a specialization in behavior. She switched back and forth between companion animal and equine health having worked with and ridden horses most of her young adulthood but also loving her house pets growing up which included rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, cats, shepherds, heelers, and huskies. While at UC Davis, Kelsey also worked as a vet tech for a vet hospital in Sacramento and as an employee for Pet Pals; a pet sitting and dog walking service in Davis, CA. While working for both she decided that caring for animals somewhere they were comfortable made her happier than the possibly scary environment of a veterinary hospital. Thus she did a 180 as she was graduating and decided against vet school and bought Pet Pals instead! Along with it's 3 employees and 350 clients!  She loved taking care of animals so much that she began adding on more services such as pack walks, day care, etc. As time went on she became more and more interested in dog behavior. She explored many different training methodologies and read every book she could get her hands on regarding dog behavior and how dogs learn. After adopting a high strung, nervous German Shepherd during covid and being determined to help him become more confident and to thrive, her focus shifted towards dog behavior and thus she also became a certified balanced dog trainer and added dog training onto the list of services. 

Our Team

Kelsey and Brian have been a part of KCC since 2012! Eeyan came in off the streets of Stockton in 2015 and was soon trained to help Kelsey's anxious dog clients make it through walks and even helps training clients work on their dog reactivity! Alesia is currently a full time KCC employee and assists with solo walks, pack walks, and pet sit visits. KCC usually has 1-3 employees at a time depending on demand and time of year. Every employee is interviewed 3 times (phone, in person, and working) and background checked. Eventually the new employee is trained by Kelsey (and her helpful dogs!) and has the opportunity to meet as many KCC clients as possible while working beside Kelsey. Every team member hired brings a new set of skills and knowledge to our loving pet care team!

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